Mississippi Gulf Coast Man Wins $373,000 Progressive Jackpot at the Palace!

A local Mississippi Gulf Coast man won a $373,272.07 progressive jackpot while playing a WMS $1 MONOPOLY Luxury Diamonds slot machine at the Palace Casino Resort on Friday, January 23, 2015.

The guest stated that he inserted a $150 slot ticket in the MONOPOLY Luxury Diamonds slot machine and had only played five maximum bets of $5 when three Triple Monopoly Wild symbols lined up on the pay line. He immediately phoned his wife, who was playing in another area of the casino, and told her to “Drop everything and come over to the machine where I’m playing!” Upon her arrival, he told her he had won the progressive jackpot.

The guest remarked that he and his wife had recently begun playing at the Palace Casino Resort after receiving an invitation to an event. After visiting the resort, they found it was very refreshing to play in a smoke free environment. He further complimented the casino’s “good mix of slots, that obviously pay off.”

When asked what he plans to do with his winnings, the guest said he will donate 10%, and most of the rest would be given to his three grandchildren for their college education.

The $373,272.07 jackpot was the fourth progressive jackpot to be won at Palace Casino Resort in less than two years. Tyler M. of Michigan won $7,217,175.15 in February 2013, Stephen S. of Deltona, FL won $911,230.73 in May 2014, and Judith M. of Jackson, MS won $439,948.58 in June 2014.

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