Palace Casino Resort Recognized As Fit-Friendly Worksite By American Heart Association

Palace Casino Resort is proud to be recognized by the American Heart Association as a Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite.  This award is given by the American Heart Association to businesses that have demonstrated a strong commitment to providing a healthy workplace for employees.

“Palace Casino provides a healthy, smoke free environment for our associates and guests,” said CFO, George Conwill.  In addition to being the only smoke free casino resort in Mississippi, Palace Casino Resort offers additional healthy lifestyle benefits to its associates.  “Our associate dining area offers fruit and a fully stocked salad bar, as well as baked chicken and cooked vegetables daily.  Associates can receive a free blood panel once a year at a local contracted clinic, visit the doctor for a co-pay of only $5, and join one of the area’s participating gyms at a discounted rate,” continued Conwill.

The American Heart Association established the Fit-Friendly Worksite program as part of their goal to reduce the death rate from cardiovascular diseases and stroke by 20% by the year 2020.  The Fit-Friendly Worksite encourages businesses to make changes in the workplace, where many adults spend much of their day.

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