Palace Casino Resort Reaches Five Year Anniversary as Gulf Coast’s Only Smoke Free Casino Resort

Five years have passed since the Palace Casino Resort reopened after its expansion and renovation, in June 2011, as the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s only smoke free casino and hotel. The resort chose to become smoke free to provide their associates and guests a cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable environment within the casino and hotel property.

General Manager of the Palace, Keith Crosby stated, “Over the past five years, as the Coast’s only smoke free casino resort, I have received hundreds of letters and emails from smokers and non-smoking guests thanking us for providing a smoke free casino. Initially, there was an adjustment period while we communicated the smoke free message within our market, but the resort has continued to see growth over the years. Going smoke free was the right thing to do.”

Smoking is allowed outside the main building, on the balcony outside of CONTACT Lounge & Sports Bar and in the resort’s Smoking Lounge, located on the second floor.

Crosby added, “We believe offering a 100% smoke free casino gives us a competitive advantage. We’re proud to continue to be a leader in our market.”

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